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Our Plates: Tuscany food

Our Pizzeria is fully visible, positioned in front of the main entrance of the venue. The baking oven is wood fired, according to tradition. The menu includes over 20 types of pizzas and the ability to customize the ingredients (Pizzeria available only for dinner).

Our kitchen has the traditional features of the Tuscan culture and more particularly Casentinese. Particular attention is paid to the choice of raw materials, all of quality selected. Meat, sausages, cheeses and seasonal vegetables are purchased from suppliers in the area, focusing on the origin casentinese / Tuscany. The sausages are sourced locally or homemade, prepared by the chef.

Among our specialties include fresh pasta stuffed with homemade like crescents with artichokes, potato tortelli to Casentinese and herbs and ricotta ravioli.

In addition to the dishes in the paper can be found occasionally or on request typical Tuscan preparations such as ribollita, pappa al pomodoro, fresh pasta with game sauce, rabbit casserole, stew in chianti, roast cooked in wood stove and much more.

antipasto toscano
arista di maiale al forno
insalata di farro
maiale al forno
mozzarella in treccia
mozzarelline fritte
polpette al pomodoro
prosciutto crudo del casentino
sfogliatina frittata cipolle
taglio del maiale al forno
tartine ripiene
verdure fritte